Hi, I’m Cindy!

I’m a product designer based in San Francisco.

I’m a lifelong explorer, learner, and listener. I design with care and thought. I’m excited about creating experiences that hit the sweet spot of meaningful, beautiful, and thoughtful.

I’m a current graduate student at Stanford’s design program. Somewhere in between, I was a UX designer at teamLab. Before that, I was a strategist at Google, where I tackled many a design project that ranged from optimizing the global operations of Google’s search appeals to creating the visual design for a giant Internet-balloon-throwing robot. Before that, I studied industrial engineering at Columbia University.

I’m not kidding when I said I was an explorer. If I’m not hiking your local Bay Area trails, I’m most likely travelling the world. I’ve visited over 60 countries, all 50 states, and half of the beautiful national parks in the US. Otherwise, I might be attending concerts, building my Champions League bracket, playing the drums, fiddling with my camera, or diligently maintaining my New York Times crossword streak.

Hello from Hokkaido!

Let’s talk!

My resume can be found here, but if you’d like to learn more or want to chat or need some travel recommendations (or all of the above!), drop me a line at cindymzhang@gmail.com. 👋