I built a site for Tango developers to create a future in augmented reality.

WhERE: developers.google.com/tango (launcHED DECEMBER 2016)


Google’s augmented reality (AR) platform, Tango, needed a new developer site. The previous site was static and reiterated the AR features that developers already knew. I was approached by the AR User Experience lead at Google to help craft a site that would inspire developers to explore the Tango platform once they had the device.

Final product:

A galactic theme was applied to enforce the creation of a new self-built future and create a more inviting look to the site.


My first instinct was to adhere closely to the Tango branding of orange, in order to enforce a cohesive look and feel with the community and the product.

Left: The old version of the Tango developers site. With only a YouTube video and an unclear user journey, the site needed a major facelift.

The first wireframes:

The first iteration, while nailing the general order of the aforementioned user journey, felt very boxy and too piecewise, when the essence of Tango isn’t to conform to a linear A-B-C progression. So it would make sense that we needed something more than just solid colors.

The next round of iterations:

Because the goal is to inspire and connect developers, I decided to feature Tango partners and different “explorations” of Tango that other community members had created. One constraint I ran into was implementing and coding a site that would be sustainable in YAML. The other major visual change was a departure from a 100% orange color scheme; instead, we broke up the primary orange color with a secondary color of purple to add more dimension.

*Did I mention that this was my first time building a site in YAML? From scratch? (Luckily, there’s nothing I relish more than a good design challenge and learning opportunity!)

What’s next?

The site launched on December 2016. Watch this space!

Other collaborators: Anshuman Kumar (Google / AR UX Lead), William Ito (Google / Partner Technology Manager - Tango), Hena Haines (Google / Product Marketing Manager - Tango), Ian Mesa (Google / Visual Designer), Fiona Herse-Woo (Google / Illustrator), Anthony Rogers (Google / Lead AR Designer), Dan Lazin (developers.google.com / Editor-in-chief), Lauren Dale (Google / Marketing)