I made a giant interactive eye.

May 2019
Cindy Zhang and Jihee Hwang


Transmission is an interactive and sculptural piece featuring an overhanging eye that is infected by the viewer’s interactions.  3 LED strips “feed” into the bottom left corner of the projection and are hanging in curvilinear paths by thread. The video is looped, while the viewer (using the laptop) can interact with the piece by hitting the “A”, “S”, “D” keys on the keyboard. The keys will trigger one of three LED strips, to which a stream of LED lights will start from the bottom and feed up to the top. As soon as the lights hit the eye, various visual effects will show up on the eye itself, such as floaters.


Materials: Fabric (cotton), video projection via Touch Designer, LED strips
Dimensions: 7’ x 4.5’ x 3’

Through our piece, we wanted to conceptualize “transmission”. What does it mean to transmit something, and how does it affect the recipient?

The eye, which has been blown up to gargantuan proportions, acts as an overseeing presence. We purposely hung it up high and had it slanted in a triangular format, in order to have it physically looming over the viewer(s). By positioning the LED lights in the bottom corner of the eye, we wanted to create a narrative of the lights being “fed” into the eye. We then added visual effects in the eye itself to create a signifier that the lights had infiltrated the eye (as opposed to the lights going into a void). The LED strips were positioned to create organic tracks for the lights to follow, so that they would not be a straightforward path.