I created the wayfinding tool and information architecture for a Japanese fashion retailer.

June - July 2018
Visual Design, Interaction Design


While working at teamLab in Tokyo as a UI/UX designer, I was tasked with improving the navigation for CENO, a trendy Tokyo-based fast-fashion retailer that specializes in menswear for the 20s/30s crowd. CENO is the parent company of several popular brands, including Vanquish, Legenda, and #FR2. Their site was redesigned by teamLab, and they needed a way to visually spice up their navigation, especially given that they have so many products spanning 6 different product brands and 20 different categories, from jackets to pants to kimonos!

How can we create an e-commerce experience that is findable and helpful to users?


There were a lot of categories (20!) and 6 different product brands across CENO’s entire website, which meant that they needed a navigation system that was easy to use, intuitive, and not at all cluttered, despite the vast number of products (see left).

However, a text-based menu would not be enticing, given that CENO’s aesthetic is very graphic-heavy. My goal was to create an easy to use and visually enticing wayfinding mechanism that allowed users to easily locate what they wanted, even among a large catalog of products.

The menu is two-fold; users first select a high-level category (e.g. Pants, Shoes) on the left column. Subcategories within the selected category will expand on the right column, as well as faceted navigation and large visuals to orient the user. Faceted navigation links such as "New Arrivals" and "Sales" introduce new ways for a user to find what they are looking for.


NOTE: For the purposes of this portfolio, all copy has been directly translated from Japanese to English. The designs were adapted for an exclusively Japanese site.


The menu launched in the summer of 2018.