I built a site for Tango developers to create a future in augmented reality.

September - November 2016
Product Management, Visual Design, Front-End Development


Google’s augmented reality (AR) platform, Tango, needed a new developer site. The previous site was static and reiterated the AR features that developers already knew, without a cohesive narrative. I was approached by the AR User Experience lead at Google to help craft a site that would inspire developers to explore the Tango platform once they had the device.

How can we create a hub for Tango developers that inspires them to create, regardless of their experience level?


To inspire the creation of a new self-built future, we used a galactic theme to drive the visual direction of the site.


The previous version of the Tango site had an unclear user journey and a lack of narrative in the content, such that a new developer would not know where to start.


My first instinct was to adhere closely to the Tango branding of orange, in order to enforce a cohesive look and feel with the community and the product.

While the first iteration (left) nailed the general order of the aforementioned user journey, it felt very boxy and too piecewise, when the essence of Tango isn’t to conform to a linear A-B-C progression. So it would make sense that we needed something more than just solid colors.

Because the goal is to inspire and connect developers (rather than explain what Tango is -- the users already know this), I decided to feature Tango partners and different “explorations” of Tango that other community members had created.

One constraint I ran into was implementing and coding a site that would be sustainable in YAML. The other major visual change was a departure from a 100% orange color scheme; instead, we broke up the primary orange color with a secondary color of purple to add more dimension.

Below: Different explorations of the visual design. We landed on the design on the right, which I developed in YAML.



The site launched on December 2016 via the Google Developers platform.


Anshuman Kumar (UX Lead), William Ito (Partner Technology Manager - Tango), Hena Haines (Product Marketing Manager - Tango), Ian Mesa (Visual Designer), Fiona Herse-Woo (Illustrator), Anthony Rogers (Lead AR Designer), Dan Lazin (Google Developers Editor-in-Chief), Lauren Dale (Marketing)